What if I am late to my reservation, would I be able to extend time to fill up the time I paid for?

Please do not be late! If you are late to your time slot we do not extend time without charge/you ordering another time slot if it is available. Our operation runs on a schedule and we are not responsible for unused time. If you'd like to book more time after your first round, simply ask your Server if extra time is available!

Is smoking allowed on the boat?

Smoking is prohibited on our boats. We like to keep our luxury boats and properties clean and in great condition so that everyone has an enjoyable ride. Smoking can easily cause damage by burning holes and discoloring the seats. 

Can I Add-On additional Servers to any Boat Tour package? 

Absolutely! Our beautiful staff is ready to accommodate you with the Servers who are already listed for your Deluxe/Premium Tours. The more the merrier! Add-Ons are also available for our Standard Tours. Our boat capacity holds up to 10 Guests. So consider how many guests you have total to find the maximum amount of extra Servers you can Add-On! For example: Your group has 7 Guests total, you may add 3 more Servers to make up for the capacity limit of 10! Simply add the quantity of extra Servers you’d like to join your party to the cart, along with your choice of Boat Tour!

What happens if me or my group causes damages to the boats?

The credit card information on file used to order the reservation will be held in case of any damages. You will sign a waiver addressing this situation before boarding.

Can I cancel my reservation for a complete Refund?

Unfortunately once paid and you are trying to cancel, you will only receieve 40% of the subtotal back. Keep in mind that we run on schedules, our staff has already been called to work, prepared/labor heavy weights, and purchased all of the appetizers/refreshments/supplies needed for your trip (we do not want this to go to waste). We are also potentially having to say no to other customers who wanted to make an appointment and enjoy the lake that day if you are cancelling. Please consider you or your own group's schedules ahead of time and factors like the weather before committing.

Do I have to tip the staff?

Tipping is never obligated, but very appreciated by our staff as we do our best to keep you safe and having a great time. Tips help us give a better experience for our guests!



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